YO Material | SUPIN FOODS and ZONEFOR Supply chai

速品食品 2019/5/24

To the exhibition, help the market. To market, promote the industry

Speed goods transformation, the initial results

Strive to build, catering raw materials supply chain service platform

April 1, E5G22

Speed pin hand in hand supply chain brand, common appearance

The 28th Shanghai international hotel and catering expo

一、Exhibition Highlights

The sound of people boiling, the booth tea overflowing.

Hotel exhibition E5G22 crowd, the popularity of high. In this exhibition stand, speedpin has changed its previous design elements and boldly used new VI color, speedpin green: #00413b, speedpin gold: #bb9e64. Show the green platform and enterprise tolerance of supercar, representing the mission of supercar.

Control product source and subdivide product category. Supply chain services, from the booth a consistent view can be seen. From the source to the product, from the service to the customer, the whole service system highlights the advantages.

二、Product Appearance

1、SUPIN FOODS—— Phase foam, fragrant moment!

For the king of single product -- milk tea, speed product has added two types of smooth type of end plant fat, adding different proportions of condensed milk in the conventional varieties to improve the product fullness, rich milk flavor, tea fragrance.

2、ZONEFOR—— A good cup of tea, because you mellow!

This year, we will go deep into the fujian tea garden to study different tea regions, different processes and unique flavors of fujian tea.

Just for you to have a cup of mellow rave tea.

△Cold extract for eight hours, only for oolong tea

3、RUNGESI —— A cup of time, flame in the milk

Since its launch, runghos syrup has been sought after by many customers for its convenient operation, simple application and product characteristics suitable for catering channels.

Unique flavor of baked milk, into the dark sugar milk, the entrance silky thick rolling, unforgettable!

# Drink to get explode point, link have anticipate!

Xupin supply chain platform integrates imported juice from southeast Asia and super high proportion of puree ingredients to make up for the high flavor and delicious taste that fresh fruit cannot provide.

Add different flavors of konjac crystal balls to make your summer fruit tea stand out.

三、Supin Team

With the most sincere enthusiasm, the team will serve every customer and answer every inquiry with the most professional knowledge.

It is because of the understanding of product quality, will have a different face with the same confidence.

The meeting is due to tea

The exhibition continues with constant creativity

April 1 - April 4, E5G22

Super team drinks tea with infinite creativity

Look forward to your visit!