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Founded and headquartered in Kunshan city in 2007, SUPIN Food Co., Ltd is a comprehensive service provider that specializes in food research and development, production, agency, promotion, training and integration.
With a global raw material procurement system, a forward-thinking R & D department and a strict quality management system, The company has been building a leading supply chain service platform to provide a wide variety of products and services to customers under our professional marketing and promotion teams.
SUPIN Food Co., Ltd has become a strategic partner of many listed companies in the fields of instant solid drinks, juiced drinks, flavor additives, cold chain products, tea, food packaging materials, intelligent beverage machines and so on.

SUPIN Food Co., Ltd has been committed to providing a complete set of high-quality health beverage solutions for our catering channel customers, providing customers with product customization and brand customization services, and is determined to become a permanent strategic partner with leading catering companies and to be a booster for Chinese fashion drinks.

Our Advantages

WE Research
R & D

With our forward-thinking and creative research and development team, we tap into the market, analyze the customer’s needs, combine it with our superior technical capabilities and endless creativity to provide new product development and beverage applications.

quality material

SUPIN’s supply platform has been mastering source supply. Relying on the global raw material procurement system, we control the source, integrate resources, and carry out strict quality inspection on all products to ensure that we always provide the best quality and stable products for you, we are a green ecological supply platform in the catering industry.

WE Satisfy

SUPIN’s system service is providing a complete solution to customers and working with our customers as their professional business partners, we go deep into the market, master market information and changes, keep pace with the times, provide solutions one-to-one to customers and combine the advantages of the company to provide product customization, brand customization and full service output.

WE design

SUPIN’s professional design team not only provides innovative design and value-added services but also customized product packaging to our customers. The team makes innovative beverage shooting, promotion Ads designing, event holding and new product release. Due to our close connection with our customers, the team has been getting market insights; through feedback, allowing us to constantly improve our design capabilities.