SUPIN Culture

Our vision is to be the leader of a benchmarking green ecological supply chain integrated service provider platform in catering industry, becoming a fashion beverage solution booster.

Our mission is to create a fair and enterprising platform, gather a group of members with dreams, and promote the industry to develop in the direction of health, nature, fashion and high quality products.

We put customer first and always maintain the pioneering spirit of hard struggle; We keep integrity and take self-motivator, open & team oriented attitude to our customers.

Our belief is to trust employees, make customers successful and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Happy Work,Happy Life

Have a Beautiful Life with Supin Food

Studying Sharing Sessions?Employee Birthday Party?Dynamic Morning Exercises

Learning Sharing Sessions:

There is no end to learning! Our company organizes employee learning sharing sessions from time to time ....

Supervisor Symposium:

The role of the supervisors at all levels is crucial, we gather the core supervisors with magical and tenacious power ...

Staff birthday party:

In the fast food harvest is not only material satisfaction, but also spiritual smoothness...

Vigorous Morning Exercises:

A day’s plan starts in the morning.Supin’s special morning exercise culture is ...         

New Employee Symposiums:

The Supin family culture nourishes every new employee and let new employees have ...

Team Building Activities:

Military expansion and team training seem so serious but when we really try and feel them ...